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Gosselin cares about the environment

Our environmental policy 

Our commitment to responsible citizenship also includes our care for the environment.

We recognize that environmental protection safeguards our employees and future generations.

Our environmental policy focuses on limiting the impact of energy and raw materials, on the prevention of waste and on the conservation of natural resources.

Click here for a copy of the Gosselin QHSE policy.

Company initiatives

Gosselin's initiatives to reduce its ecologic footprint include:

(This list is not limitative)

  • Promoting intermodal transport (via barges)
  • Eco driving course for our drivers
  • Installing solar panels
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Promoting the use of company bicycles.

ISO 14001 certificate

The Belgian branch of our Mobility Division holds an ISO 14001 certificate.

Discover the environmental policy of Gosselin
Environmental initiatives at Gosselin
ISO 14001 certificate