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For our moving division

Welcome to the Gosselin resources library. This is the place where we share all practical and move related guidelines, handouts and legal documents. Don't hesitate to consult and download when needed.

Moving overseas

General Conditions

When performing your international move or providing storage solutions, we always work according to the general conditions set-out by the country we operate in. If you wish to have a look at these general conditions, this is where you can consult them.
Clearing customs is an integral part of any international move

Customs guidelines

Clearing customs is an integral part of any international move. Want to find out if you are entitled to import your household goods/cars free of charge? Our handy customs flowcharts help you answer that question.  
Consignment instructions for our partners

Consignment instructions

Thanks for working with us. To guarantee a seamless move for your customers, consigning your customer's shipment correctly is part of the deal.  
We are your move companion

Moving guides

Providing you with a worry-free worldwide moving experience, that's our number one objective! To help you during each phase of your move, we have created a series of handy guidelines and checklists. This is where you can find them.
Gosselin all risk insurance


Gosselin will always treat your belongings with the utmost of care, but human error and ‘Murphy's law’ are nonetheless possible during an overseas move. Having insurance coverage allows you to focus on the actual removal. Our insurance guide outlines how we go about insurance.
Billing instructions for partners

Billing instructions

It goes without saying that correct billing allows us all to work more efficiently. This is why we have made this handy overview in which we share detailed billing instructions when working with our local branches.
Gosselin is committed to delivering quality services


In the end it's all about the secure, smooth and timely transitions and delivery of your goods. We believe that quality in every aspect and step of the moving process is contributing to that goal.
Gosselin corporate governance

Operational documents

There are so many documents & forms that need to be completed when moving abroad. No worries, your personal move coordinator is your guide along the way. Looking for copies of important operational documents? Look no further!
Gosselin cares about people

Moving moments

Moving moments, that's what we create when moving the lives of our customer and their families. We have collected these stories for you. This is where happy people on the move share their stories with you.
Moving to or from Belgium with Gosselin

Belgian Government

Our colleagues go the extra mile to master the complexity of the international household goods moves of the Belgian representatives, no matter the origin or destination.