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From Brucargo to Madonna's bedroom

It goes without saying that word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind. Fabian de Mortier, president of EMK Beverly Hills, was looking for a logistics partner when a friend recommended he get in touch with Gosselin Logistics. We now handle logistics flows for his company, a business that sells high-quality skin care products to Hollywood stars, among others.

“The cosmetics company EMK was founded 17 years ago in Beverly Hills, California,” company president Fabian de Mortier tells us. “EMK specializes in the development and production of anti-aging products. Our portfolio currently contains 16 different skin treatment products that are based on the extraction of natural vegetal placenta from the Agave cactus native to Central America.”

“The majority of our production takes place in the United States,” Fabian continues. “However, several products are produced in Belgium and France, such as RenascenceTM. This is a first-class anti-aging treatment that uses berries from Tibet. Stem Cell White CaviarTM is also made in Belgium. This treatment in gel form contains floating clouds of serum and is produced using high-tech machinery.”

Advantages of the bonded warehouse

“I was looking for a logistics partner for the shipment of these last two products,” Fabian goes on. “A friend referred me to Gosselin. I met with the forwarding team in Brucargo, and was also given a tour of the warehouses. I was impressed with our initial contact, the prices were fair, and the partnership started a few months ago.”

“Working with EMK has been smooth sailing,” Maria Baya, business developer at Gosselin Logistics tells us. “One of the advantages we offer is our bonded warehouse: this is where we temporarily store goods from different sources for this customer, products that will eventually be exported to the United States, Singapore and other countries, without having to clear customs in Belgium first. I think that we can even describe EMK Beverly Hills as the perfect customer. The lines of communication are short, so things always move very quickly.”

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