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Gosselin works 1 hour for life


Gosselin supports the charity organization SOS Children’s Villages for the 3rd consecutive year. With this year’s campaign “Work 1 hour for Life” we’ll work 1 hour to help build a warm home and future for young children who grow up without their parents.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to everyone. Dinner parties, being surrounded by family and loved ones, receiving presents. Not every child in the world can experience this. One in ten children grows up alone. Therefore, Gosselin decided to support the charity organization SOS Children’s Villages for the 3rd consecutive year.

With the donations we support a local charity: the Simba-house in Liedekerke (Belgium). It's a new and innovative type of shelter for young children. Deprived kids between 0 and 3 years old are offered a warm temporary ‘home’, a place where they are looked after and cared for by professional ‘Simba parents’. Simultaneously, SOS Children’s Villages works closely with the parents of the kids, this with the sole purpose to positively change the situation at home and make sure the kids can return to their own warm and safe home ultimately. 

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