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Exceptional works of art at UN headquarters in New York


As a specialist in moving works of art, it takes a lot to surprise us here at Gosselin Mobility. This time, our team in Italy wasn’t focusing on medieval masters, but on modern works from differently abled artists from Rome. At the initiative of the Community of Sant’Egidio, these artists were given an exposition in New York.

From the suburbs of Rome to the headquarters of the UN: an exposition entitled “Living Together” will be showing the works of differently abled artists until the end of November in New York. Their works are the result of art workshops in which they learned to express their emotions and personal stories about exclusion and living with others.

The Community of Sant’Egidio in Rome selected works by differently abled individuals from the suburbs of Rome whom they supervise. The content of the works focuses on the theme “Living Together”; how can we constructively cope with fear and with emigration resulting from war and poverty? “Behind every work of art lies a moving story,” according to Roberta Tanzi, Sales Executive at Gosselin Rome, after meeting a few of these artists.

Tight timing

In terms of organization, the timing of the project was a particular challenge. Roberta Tanzi: “We were contacted fairly late in the game. This made it all very tight in terms of timing to get all the permits sorted out in time. Thanks to the help of the Fine Art Institute in Rome, everything ran like clockwork. The works of art arrived in New York safe and sound, and on time. The exposition was able to start without any delays.”

Interested in taking a look?

The Living Together exposition will be on display at the United Nations headquarters in New York until November 16. The artworks will remain a little while longer in ‘the city that never sleeps’; they will be moved from the UN to the Consulate General of Italy, where they will remain until the end of November.

Exceptional works of art at UN headquarters in New York
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