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Special recognition for Gosselin employee Ben

Our Groupage Manager, Ben Schmidt, has been going to Ukraine since 1999. When the war broke out, he immediately sprang into action to help all of the people he knew there get to safety. He continues to be committed both to the Ukrainians staying in the Netherlands as well as those who are still living in their home country. Ben received a Zilveren Speld award in his hometown of Woudenberg in recognition of all his efforts.

“I didn’t hesitate for a second, and immediately reserved a van so that, together with a former colleague, we could get all my friends and acquaintances who were interested in leaving to the Netherlands, safely,” Ben says, starting his story that began with the war in Ukraine. “The Woudenberg Foundation was set up in the town I live in, and we looked for host families by publishing announcements on social media and in the newspaper. We drove back and forth to Ukraine a total of three times, and were able to provide shelter to around 180 refugees.”

In the meantime, they haven’t received any new requests from people in Ukraine who want to come to the Netherlands, but that won’t stop Ben from continuing his work. “Our main goal now is to offer humanitarian aid. Thanks to donations from private individuals and companies, we are collecting items that we can then bring to them there. In December, we drove 75 generators there in a trailer. We’re now collecting items to fill our sixth trailer.

Groupage manager Ben Schmidt

(Ben is the man in the middle)

His dedication didn’t go unnoticed. During the New Year’s reception at the municipality of Woudenberg, a Zilveren Speld (“silver pin”) was awarded to the Woudenberg Foundation. This special recognition is given to residents who have made valuable contributions to the community in Woudenberg. The host families were also given a silver pin.

“This wonderful gesture certainly encourages us to continue our work, but I would definitely like to thank everyone who donated. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to fill any trailers,” Ben adds. “The IMA Mobility Alliance organization for movers all over the world was one of the first to donate 10,000 dollars the minute they heard we were going to go there in a van. It’s so heartwarming!”

About Gosselin Group 

Gosselin was founded in 1930 and employs 800 co-workers that generate more than 350 million euro in turnover. The headquarters of Gosselin are located at the Albert Canal in Antwerp, Belgium, and its inland terminal connects the port of Antwerp-Bruges with the European hinterland. The company has 56 offices in 34 countries and has a strong presence in Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia. The Gosselin Group consists of two divisions: Gosselin Moving and Gosselin Logistics.  

Gosselin Moving offers international moves for multinationals, expats, diplomats, military personnel and private persons.  

Gosselin Logistics provides logistics services to businesses: transport solutions, customs formalities, warehousing and terminal operations, and industrial projects for heavy machinery and exceptional transport.

Happiness Team

Het Gosselin Happiness Team doet iedereen glimlachen

Bij Gosselin weten we dat tevreden collega’s bijdragen tot een productieve en positieve werksfeer, waar, naast een marktconform loonpakket, ook de extraatjes aan de basis liggen. Daarom werd in 2019 het Happiness Team opgericht met als doel ervoor te zorgen dat iedereen zich gewaardeerd voelt binnen de Gosselin familie.
Happiness Team

The Gosselin Happiness Team puts a smile on everyone’s face

At Gosselin, we know that happy colleagues contribute to a productive and positive work environment where, in addition to a competitive salary package, extras are part of the basic benefits we offer. This was why the Happiness Team was set up in 2019, and its mission is to ensure that everyone feels valued within the Gosselin family.

Gosselin organiseert jobdag om bedrijfsgroei bij te benen

Met meer dan 900 werknemers verspreid over 34 landen staat Gosselin sterk in haar schoenen. Maar het bedrijf blijft groeien, en biedt jobmogelijkheden in alle afdelingen. Alle vacatures ingevuld krijgen, is de boodschap. Daarom organiseert het HR-team een jobdag om geïnteresseerden een uniek inzicht te geven in het reilen en zeilen van deze internationale speler in de logistiek.