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Madeline testimonial

People who understand the story behind a move make all the difference

As Benelux manager in the moving division, Madeline is the glue that holds the sales, customer service, pricing and operations teams together.
ICT wordt ITS

ICT becomes ITS - a new team is waiting for you

Interested in working in the IT division of a large international company? If so, you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity! Gosselin’s IT division is changing course, and not just with a new name, ITS, but also 20 new job openings.
ICT wordt ITS

ICT wordt ITS – een nieuw team wacht op jou

Wil je graag aan de slag op de IT-afdeling van een groot internationaal bedrijf? Waag dan nu je kans, want het IT-departement van Gosselin gooit de boeg om met niet alleen een nieuwe naam, maar ook bijna twintig nieuwe vacatures
Acquisitions at Gosselin Group

A company in full business expansion

Gosselin currently has 47 unfilled job vacancies. Around 75% of these are a direct result of the growth the company has experienced and positions that have opened up because employees are moving internally to a different job within the Gosselin organization.
UniMove Rotterdam joins Gosselin Group

UniMove Rotterdam joins Gosselin Group!

January 2022 - Gosselin Belgium proudly announces its acquisition of UniMove bv, the Rotterdam-based international moving and storage business founded in 2007 by Michel Paijens and Raymond van Dijk.
Acquisition Meys Verhuizingen by Gosselin

Verhuizingen Meys becomes part of the Gosselin Group

November 2021 - On October 26, 2021, Marc Smet (CEO of Gosselin Group) and Erik Meys (CEO of Verhuizingen Meys) reached an agreement in principle for the acquisition of Verhuizingen Meys and Meys Vastgoed based in Brasschaat by the Gosselin Group (Deurne). The employees and assets will be acquired by Gosselin and will fall under the Gosselin Group’s international moves division.
Lashing and securing of a historic ship by Pasec Port

Pasec Port zekert historisch schip

Zeg niet zomaar boot tegen de Westhinder III. Dit lichtschip fungeerde vanaf 1864 als richtingsaanwijzer voor de schepen zoals de verkeersborden dat voor auto’s doen. Met lichtsignalen en een misthoorn hielp het schippers navigeren langs zandbanken en kliffen. Ondertussen met pensioen en gered van de schroothoop is de Westhinder naar haar laatste kaai gevaren en verankerd met de hulp van Pasec Port, Gosselin.
Exciting news: our new crane is on its way!

New mobile port crane for Gosselin Logistics

Gosselin Logistics highlights its ambitions with the investment in an additional crane for its terminal on the Albert Canal. On Monday, May 3, the crane will be delivered by inland waterway to the terminal as a kit, and the assembly can begin.
Pet moving in the Caucasus

Moving pets in the Caucasus

Gosselin is the first moving company in the Caucasus to have Ipata certification. This means that we move pets in Georgia according to internationally respected quality standards.