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 CrossTrades OBL Annual Meeting in Ethiopia

CrossTrades OBL Annual Meeting in Ethiopia

The annual CrossTrades OBL network meeting was held in Addis Ababa from September 23 through 26. Agents from all over the world met in the Ethiopian capital for this three-day event to exchange experiences, visit clients and plot out the future of the logistics network.
Gosselin is a major player in transport to and from the port of Antwerp.

Ocean freight networks "Ocean Bridge Lines" and "CrossTrades" announce merger agreement

Logistics networks organizations Ocean Bridge Lines (Singapore) and CrossTrades (Hong Kong) have announced the merger of their communities into CrossTrades OBL.
Gosselin fair Africa

Gosselin Logistics at the Breakbulk Africa Fair

Our determination to become a player on the African market, using strong local agents in the Sub Saharan countries has never been more outspoken.
Algemene afbeelding

On a mission

Gosselin Logistics’ Walter Van Mechelen, Geert De Wilde and Philippe Van Schoor are on their way to Seoul and Shanghai with a dual mission: to strengthen ties with the Crosstrades network and seek out new opportunities in the fascinating, growing Asian economy.