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Working at Gosselin
New hires

As an international growth company, Gosselin is constantly looking for new talent. However, recruitment is just the first step in the HR division’s intensive training program. During the first year of employment HR meets several times with the employee. They try to ascertain whether the person is comfortable in their logistics position, whether it meets their expectations, is there a click with the other team members, is there any interest in pursuing certain training programs, or perhaps a different job would be more suitable, etc. Given the varied job opportunities at Gosselin, the employee can be guided toward a different set of responsibilities. Making adjustments to a career track is also possible after this first year. 

Recently recruited employees will be assigned an experienced “godmother” or “godfather” who works outside of their own department and can immerse these employees in the world of Gosselin. They can contact these godfathers and godmothers with a vast array of questions.

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Recruitment process
Professional and personal growth

We set out a training program from the very beginning, customized to the employee’s skills. If desired, we can expand these efforts at the employee’s request so that after some time, they can continue their growth in a different job, or evolve within their own position and according to their own capabilities. It might also involve personal development; for example, when people want to hone their communication skills.

Interesting detail: all Gosselin employees have access to Bridge, an online training platform. This platform features videos with introductions to the different departments and a menu with training program options.

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Health and safety

Our team takes a great deal of initiative in a variety of fields. The central theme running through it all is the focus on employees, a concept that may be interpreted very broadly. In the past, a prevention adviser used to concentrate primarily on limiting the number of industrial accidents, but we define this role very differently today. Among other things, there is a lot of attention placed on psychosocial well-being (such as ergonomics in the offices) and the training programs for professional and personal development.

It goes without saying that Gosselin wants to satisfy legal requirements ( compliancy). These days however, the organization also takes the ‘softer’ aspects into account. Every department gets a basket of fresh fruit every month for the work floor, and we have a Happiness Team that puts a smile on everyone's faces.

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Our people

Tomas Horvath testimonial

“My dream of becoming a truck driver came true”

Tomas started working as a mover in 2009. Thirteen years later, he has made his dream of becoming a truck driver come true, thanks to the support of HR, and he’s now a team leader in the moving division.
Mathias Coeck testimonial

“I have a strong commitment to Gosselin”

Mathias Coeke moved up from temporary employee to supervisor in only five and a half years, a journey he is very grateful to have been on.
Jobs testimonial

‘Grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had’

Kim learned the basics in shipping. With little experience but a whole lot of enthusiasm, she started at Gosselin. And 9 years later, she's still very happy with her job.