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Our vision

Success starts with visualizing what we want to achieve on the long term. Our vision sets the direction and provides the inspiration for our journey towards our future goals. 

Our vision is:

To be  a leading provider of sustainable and innovative moving and logistic services with a strong network of offices in Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

We provide our customers with a full range of services through our network, globally supported by integrated partnerships.

Building upon our 90+ years of expertise in moving and logistics we further invest in our employees, assets and in strategic global relationships.

We realize sustainable growth through innovative solutions and by embracing our corporate and social responsibility in an environmentally friendly way.

Logo missie visie waarden
Our mission

Day in, day out we work in the spirit of our mission to achieve our vision. Our mission provides us guidance in making correct and sustainable decisions.

Our mission is:

We provide integrated and high-quality moving and logistic services that improve our customers business’ continuity, cost and ecological footprint.

We continuously strive to be the preferred provider of our customers by adding sustainable value to their lives and business in an environmentally friendly way.

Our employees make it happen. We therefore continually invest in training and support them to further grow their competence and well-being.

Logo missie visie waarden
Our values

The guiding principles which apply across our organization and underpin how our work is carried out. They are our basic beliefs about what really matters and guide how things should be done.

Our values are:

  • Trust and Responsibility
    We give trust and take our responsibility.
  • Team spirit
    Only by working as a team we can satisfy our customers and achieve our common goals.
  • Flexibility
    As life is constantly changing, we are able to change our thinking, processes, way of working, etc.
  • Quality
    The quality of our services enhances the satisfaction of our customer.
  • Cost conscious
    We focus in our thinking and doing on how to make the best use of time, money and other resources.