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The Gosselin Group is committed to quality

Our quality policy

The quality policy of the Gosselin Group focuses on achieving an outstanding level of customer satisfaction.

We believe that quality is a key driver for progress and is an integral part of every action we undertake.

We are regularly audited and strive to continuously improve our quality standards.

We have developed and implemented an Integrated Management System for the purpose of continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement

Our management system allows us to achieve continuous improvement through:

  • Clear Objectives
  • Detailed Job Descriptions
  • Intensive training programs for all employees
  • Controlled documents
  • Analysis of complaints
  • Periodic internal and external audits
  • Close follow up of our suppliers and subcontractors
  • Periodic review of the system by top management


Our management system has been awarded with a wide range of certificates, including ISO 9001, ISO14001, AEO, FIDI and many more.

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Gosselin is a proud member of organizations such as IAM, FIDI, Crosstrades and many more.

Click here for a comprehensive overview of our memberships.

At Gosselin we focus on achieving outstanding levels of quality
The Gosselin management system allows us to continuously improve
Gosselin has been awarded with a wide range of certificates