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The fixer in dispatching

A sick driver, an accident or a customer who wants their shipment sooner. Never fear, Erwin De Laet’s team is here! “I really enjoy the work particularly during the summer when our phones are constantly ringing off the hook.”
Dispatcher - Erwin De Laet

A healthy dose of people skills

Jill works as a move coordinator for the moving division in Antwerp. “I am responsible for the practical side of the moves for diplomats. A healthy dose of people skills is definitely a bonus in this job!”
Move coordinator - Jill Van De Weyer

Lost my heart to this job

Twelve years ago, Jan traded in his truck for a stacker at our container terminal on the Albert Canal in Antwerp. These days, he coordinates all of the terminal operations.
Operations supervisor - Jan Pintjens

You are the conductor

“You’re the conductor who takes care of everything,” file managers Patricia De Bie and Mark van Egdom tell us. “You can count on never being bored.”
Dossierbeheerders - Patricia De Bie en Mark Van Egdom