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Working @ Gosselin? What can I count on? 

Count on being able to further develop yourself professionally and personally. Count on being around a family of colleagues in a very international setting. Count on being in a business with its history and its future vision!

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Voor ons verhuisteam in Rotterdam zoeken we versterking met een Verhuizer/Inpakker. Lees de volledige vacature hier! 


Fiets leaseplan

To work by bike

On Friday, June 2nd, everyone who came to work by bike was treated to a healthy breakfast. But even non-cyclists who wanted to test the latest electric bikes on a closed circuit signed up. Together with B2Bike, partner of the bike leasing plan, Gosselin tries to convince colleagues to pedal to work occasionally. In total, there were 109 participants.
Tomas Horvath testimonial

“Mijn droom om vrachtwagenchauffeur te worden waargemaakt”

Tomas ging in 2009 aan de slag als verhuizer. Dertien jaar later heeft hij zijn droom om vrachtwagenchauffeur te worden waargemaakt met de steun van HR en is hij teamleader in de verhuisdivisie.
Tomas Horvath testimonial

“My dream of becoming a truck driver came true”

Tomas started working as a mover in 2009. Thirteen years later, he has made his dream of becoming a truck driver come true, thanks to the support of HR, and he’s now a team leader in the moving division.
Mathias Coeck testimonial

“I have a strong commitment to Gosselin”

Mathias Coeke moved up from temporary employee to supervisor in only five and a half years, a journey he is very grateful to have been on.
Gosselin colleagues run the Ten Miles from Antwerp

Colleagues Gosselin cross the finish line as a team

On Sunday, April 24, some sporty colleagues participated in the Ten Miles, all in Gosselin attire and with broad smiles. It was the first time Gosselin was represented at this Antwerp sports event, but certainly not the last!
Jobs testimonial

‘Grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had’

Kim learned the basics in shipping. With little experience but a whole lot of enthusiasm, she started at Gosselin. And 9 years later, she's still very happy with her job.
Jobs testimonial

“Dankbaar voor alle kansen die ik krijg”

Kim leerde in de shipping de kneepjes van het vak kennen. Met dat beetje ervaring en een enorme portie enthousiasme, ging ze aan de slag voor Gosselin. En negen jaar later, is ze daar nog steeds heel gelukkig.
Madeline testimonial

Wie het verhaal achter een verhuis begrijpt, maakt het verschil

Als Benelux manager in de verhuisdivisie is Madeline de lijm die de teams van sales, customer service, pricing en operations samenhoudt.