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Gosselin celebrates Earth Day

Earth Day initiative 1

Gosselin celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd. Colleagues from all across the globe participated in an initiative to contribute to the environment. Adrian-George, for example, walks to and from the office every day, no matter the weather conditions. "It's a good way to get your thoughts together and have some exercise with no CO2 emissions," he says. 

Andreea and Gabriel joined a big tree-planting action at an oncology hospital in Bucharest together with a group of friends.

And Adi sent us a receipt of his commute to work via electric scooter that he uses almost every morning.

Earth Day initiative 2

Cristian has been recycling batteries for many years and made an extra trip to the recycling station in honor of Earth Day.

Meanwhile the Operations and Control Tower team at the headquarters in Belgium organized a gardening day to spruce up the green zone around their new office building. "The dynamic between the teams is amazing and we were very proud of our hard work even though our muscles were sore the next day," Rani from Operations laughs.

Andreea from the Romanian team has been recycling plastic and glass bottles and aluminum cans ever since Romania has implemented the return-guarantee system. "It's a small gesture, but my waste footprint will be less than it used to be."

Andrei-Bogdan made sure to recycle his paper to celebrate Earth Day.

Earth Day initiative 3

Ivana from Croatia made sure to walk to the office, even though she had to dress warmly with the cold weather. 

And Natalie wishes everybody a "Joyeux Jour de la Terre" as she poses in front of the new potted friends she bought for the Gosselin office for the occasion.

Milan spent his day collecting waste in a Prague district to contribute to the environment.

And Petr, our own ESG Specialist, sets a good example by cycling to work almost every day!

Earth Day initiative 4

Yannick, from the ITS team, thanks Dries and his green thumbs for keeping a green look in the offices!

Gabriel shows his 3 RON banknote from recycling empty bottles.

And Felix-Dumitru worked solely on his laptop to celebrate Earth Day, saving some energy from not using the docking station and two extra monitors

Earth Day initiative 5

Cristina lets us know that they use their coffee waste to fertilize their office plants. "This way we help the plants grow, give them more oxygen, and reduce the waste."

Daniel's flowers receive the same nutrition, resulting in some beautiful office flowers!

And last but not least, Laurentiu shows us his train ticket from Bucharest - Ploiesti, opting to use public transport rather than his car.



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Marathon for charity

Gosselin Move Coordinator finishes half marathon for charity

Claudia Trunkfield isn’t your ordinary Move Coordinator. She ran a whopping 13,1 miles for the London Landmarks Half Marathon in support of Tommy’s charity. Her colleagues gladly supported her fundraiser.
Marathon for charity

Gosselin Move-coördinator finisht halve marathon voor liefdadigheid

Claudia Trunkfield is geen gewone Move Coordinator. Ze rende maar liefst 13,1 mijl voor de London Landmarks Half Marathon om Tommy's goede doel te steunen. Haar collega's steunden haar inzamelingsactie met veel plezier!
Antwerp Ten Miles 2024

Antwerp Ten Miles 2024

Gosselin deed weer mee met de befaamde Antwerp Ten Miles marathon! Dikke proficiat aan alle lopers. Jullie rocken die groene Gossy shirts!