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Company history

History of Gosselin


  • 1930 Mr Lambert Vivet starts a local moving company in Antwerp, Belgium.
  • 1950 Dolf Gosselin joins the company and it is renamed Vivet-Gosselin.
  • 1976 Marc Smet starts working at Vivet-Gosselin
  • 1984 Gosselin Worldwide Moving is created by Marc Smet.
  • 1988 Gosselin Italia – Milan is founded.
  • 1995 The creating of Gosselin Export Packers 
  • 1996 Founding of North Atlantic Services - NAS.
  • 1996 Gosselin World Wide Moving GmbH is founded and acquires an agency structure of 8 military agencies in Germany.
  • 1999 Acquisition of Corstjens World Wide Movers Group with HQ in the Netherlands and 19 offices in Central and Eastern Europe.
History of Gosselin
  • 2000 Gosselin Airfreight Division is established at Brussels Airport.
  • 2000 Gosselin Swiss is founded
  • 2002 The Gosselin Container Terminal next to the Albert Canal and near the port of Antwerp becomes operational.
  • 2003 Nomad Express with headquarters in Antwerp and offices in the Caucasus and Central Asia becomes newest member of the Gosselin Group.
  • 2004 Gosselin acquires the companies ART (Forwarding) and Focus Transport Services.
  • 2005 Reorganization of Gosselin Italy SRL and acquisition of facilities in Aviano, Vicenza, and Napels
  • 2006 Construction of warehouse and offices for Gosselin Tbilisi in Georgia. 
  • 2007 Gosselin Group re-aligns its activities into 2 divisions: Gosselin Moving & Gosselin Logistics Division, both assisted by Gosselin Support Services
  • 2009 Pasec Port, specialized in lashing & securing cargo acquired by Gosselin Group.
  • 2011 Merger of Vivet-Gosselin and Gosselin Caucasus & Central Asia into Gosselin Moving.
History of Gosselin
  • 2012 Gosselin Group acquires Crosstainer, specialised in traffic into and from China.
  • 2013 Purchase of the Crown Cork facilities in Deurne/Antwerp
  • 2013 Seaco Shipping has been founded
  • 2014 Start of Gosselin selfstorage in Deurne/Antwerp
  • 2014 Gosselin Group and Heavy Group joined forces in a venture that will operate under the name "Heavy GCT".
  • 2016 Gosselin and Heavy started a joint venture and Gosselin acquired 50% of the new holding company: Heavy Project Solutions.
  • 2017 Gosselin Mobility acquires DT Moving UK and France and Gosselin Mobility acquires also the moving activities of Packimpex Switzerland with four offices in Bern, Basel, Geneva, and Zurich
  • 2017 Foundation of GMS GmbH with acquisition of three military agents in Germany
  • 2018 Construction of new warehouse on the Crown site for Gosselin Logistics.
  • 2021 Purchase of the Milcobel Facilities in Schoten/Antwerp
  • 2021 Gosselin acquires 100% of the Heavy Group
  • 2022 Acquisition of MEYS Moving & self-storage in Brasschaat/Antwerp
  • 2022 Acquisition of UniMove in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • 2023 Acquisition of Antwerp Cargo Movers
  • 2023 Gosselin enters into a joint-venture with leading office-moving specilaist, Transmoove, Vilvoorde, Brussels
  • 2023 Gosselin acquires long-term partner Frey & Klein Internationale Spedition GmbH

Our current news

Antwerp Ten Miles 2024

Antwerp Ten Miles 2024

Gosselin once more participated in the famous Antwerp Ten Miles! Congratulations to all the runners who rocked those green Gossy T-shirts!
Marathon for charity

Gosselin Move Coordinator finishes half marathon for charity

Claudia Trunkfield isn’t your ordinary Move Coordinator. She ran a whopping 13,1 miles for the London Landmarks Half Marathon in support of Tommy’s charity. Her colleagues gladly supported her fundraiser.
Earth Day

Gosselin celebrates Earth Day

Gosselin celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd. Colleagues from all across the globe participated in an initiative to contribute to the environment.