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Car traded for electric bike

Yana started working at Gosselin in May 2021 and had already privately purchased an electric bike. However, she immediately joined the bike lease plan as soon as she became eligible. The bike is her primary mode of transportation, not only cycling from Zandhoven to Deurne for work but also for all her personal errands.

"I realized that I actually don't need a car and so I sold it," Yana begins her story. "It required some adjustment at first, but now it's such a habit to do everything by bike. That's why it's not a luxury to have two. That way, there's always a spare one if the other breaks down or needs maintenance. In total, they've already racked up nearly twenty thousand kilometers."

Yana lives in Zandhoven and bikes a solid eighteen kilometers one way to work. "Luckily, most of my route is along the canal. It's safe and incredibly calming. So, I combine commuting with exercise and a bit of mindfulness," Yana laughs. "I did once come by car because there was a heavy storm, but I was almost as long on the road and completely frustrated by the heavy traffic."

Bike testimonial Yana
Bike facilities

Since the start of the bike plan, Gosselin has been busy investing in better facilities. There are enclosed bike parking areas at various locations, the option to charge the bike on-site, lockers to store your gear, and showers to wash off the sweat. "During the two years I've been working at Gosselin, I've indeed noticed tremendous progress for my cycling colleagues. The bikes are secure, and you don't have to lug the battery to your office to charge it. I'm a fan!"


At Gosselin, you must be employed for at least six months before you qualify for the lease plan, and you must use the purchased bike for 20% of your commuting. Wearing a helmet and a fluorescent vest is mandatory, and you also receive a maintenance budget and insurance coverage.

About Gosselin Group 

Gosselin was founded in 1930 and employs 975 co-workers that generate more than 450 million euro in turnover. The headquarters of Gosselin are located at the Albert Canal in Antwerp, Belgium, and its inland terminal connects the port of Antwerp-Bruges with the European hinterland. The company has a strong presence in Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia. The Gosselin Group consists of two divisions: Gosselin Moving and Gosselin Logistics.  

Gosselin Moving offers international moves for multinationals, expats, diplomats, military personnel and private persons.  

Gosselin Logistics provides logistics services to businesses: transport solutions, customs formalities, warehousing and terminal operations, and industrial projects for heavy machinery and exceptional transport.

Jill en Daria in Rome

Getting to know your international colleagues

At Gosselin, there’s a policy that states employees can work from a different country as long as there’s a Gosselin office. Jill and Daria from Belgium lengthened their vacation with a day or two and worked from the Rome office on Friday to forge some new connections.
Het Vriendenhuis oldtimer rally

Gosselin vlag wappert tijdens oldtimer rally

Het Vriendenhuis is een co-housingproject voor 12 jongeren met een mentale beperking in Schilde. Om de VZW te steunen werd er een feestweekend georganiseerd met een oldtimer rally op zondag. Gosselin, die zelf oldtimer stalling aanbiedt, droeg graag een steentje bij.
Inauguration INZA site

Gosselin celebrates the opening of its new warehouses along the Albert Canal on the old INZA site

Last weekend they were inaugurated: Two immense warehouses together accounting for 36000 m2 and 1800 m2 of state-of-the-art offices. Two years after the closure of the Milcobel site, a logistics complex with CO2-neutral warehouses directly connected to the company's own Gosselin container terminal along the Albert Canal is rising on the 6.6 ha site. This new expansion brings Gosselin's total footprint on the Albert Canal in Deurne/Schoten to over 350000 m2.