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Fietsen naar het werk geeft zowel energie als ontspanning

Elena started working as a receptionist at Gosselin in August 2022 and commuted daily from Schilde to work using her mother's electric bike. As soon as she became eligible for the bike lease plan, she didn't hesitate and bought her own bike through Gosselin, a Riese & Müller brand.

"Because the lease plan includes bike insurance, I found it more interesting to purchase my own bike. Besides, now my mom can ride her own bike again," Elena laughs. Since she doesn't have her own car yet, this faster version of a regular bike comes in handy. However, Elena has no intention of trading in her bike for a car once she buys one.

"There are so many benefits to cycling. The ride is very relaxing for me but also wakes me up nicely to start the workday. With an electric bike, you're not exhausted and sweaty when you arrive. Plus, I save on gasoline and receive a bike allowance on top of my salary. So, I don't see myself quickly switching to driving to work!"

Bike testimonial Elena
Bike Facilities

Elena lives in Schilde and commutes about eleven kilometers each way to work every day. She can safely store her bike and is pleased with the improvements Gosselin is making to the facilities. "It would be ideal if I could charge my bike at the bike rack itself. That's not the case everywhere yet. Also, it's often busier in good weather, so those extra spots should come soon."

The fact that you can also use the bike for personal purposes is a nice bonus. "I've started cycling more in my free time. In Schilde, we have a beautiful nature reserve, and now I can enjoy it with my mom. I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues," Elena nods when asked. "More companies should do this because it's also better for the environment."


At Gosselin, you must have been working for at least six months before you qualify for the lease plan, and you must cover 20% of your commute with the purchased bike. Wearing a helmet and fluorescent vest is mandatory, and you also receive a maintenance budget and insurance.

About Gosselin Group 

Gosselin was founded in 1930 and employs 975 co-workers that generate more than 450 million euro in turnover. The headquarters of Gosselin are located at the Albert Canal in Antwerp, Belgium, and its inland terminal connects the port of Antwerp-Bruges with the European hinterland. The company has a strong presence in Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia. The Gosselin Group consists of two divisions: Gosselin Moving and Gosselin Logistics.  

Gosselin Moving offers international moves for multinationals, expats, diplomats, military personnel and private persons.  

Gosselin Logistics provides logistics services to businesses: transport solutions, customs formalities, warehousing and terminal operations, and industrial projects for heavy machinery and exceptional transport.

Road VS Rail transport

European Logistics goes Multi-modal!

Gosselin currently launched a new trial project combining the usual road transport with train groupage in Europe. It is the perfect combination between handling large volumes, less reloads, less damage risks, and focusing on sustainability at the same time.

Gosselin offers mobility menu via the ‘Pendelproeverij’

The ‘Pendelproeverij’ at Gosselin was a success! Colleagues were able to choose from a mobility menu filled with alternatives for those who are tired of driving in busy traffic. City bikes, electric bikes, speed pedelecs, but also subscriptions for public transport or the many public bicycle initiatives such as Blue-bike and Donkey Republic.
FIDI opinion sustainability

Simplifying the process of sustainability measurement

With a complex supply chain in moving and a broad range of certifications on the market, getting to a definitive measure of sustainability can be problematic. Petr Prozcházka, Country Representative of Gosselin, Czechia, explains why a single uniform standard would help the sector transition for mandatory reporting.