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Gosselin’s board cruises in company’s own containers

During the first weekend in May, the entire Antwerp-based Gosselin board of directors visited Switzerland, its largest base of operations outside of Belgium. While navigating the Three-Lake region around Neuchâtel, they discussed the company’s achievements and its goals for the future.

All seven members of the board, including Gosselin’s CEO Marc Smet, stayed on the new and only Swiss boatel Attila. This cruise ship was built from Gosselin household goods containers that were converted to cabins last year by a group of innovative Swiss entrepreneurs, including moving division CEO Marcel Jörg.

Besides the exchange with the Swiss team, the board also enjoyed meeting the creators of Kéris, a start-up in the clockmaking industry. This company is redefining the traditional pendule neuchâteloise (Neuchâtel-style pendule clocks) to make them contemporary and futureproof again. Combining business and pleasure while cruising the Swiss lakes. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Board meeting April 2022

Founded in 1930, Gosselin currently employs more than 800 people who generate total sales of over 300 million Euros. Gosselin’s headquarters is located on the Albert Canal in Deurne where the container terminal connects the Port of Antwerp Bruges and the Port of Rotterdam with the European hinterland. With 56 offices in 34 countries, the company has strong representation in Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, Central Asia and China. The Gosselin Group consists of two divisions: Gosselin Moving and Gosselin Logistics.  

Gosselin Moving handles international moves for multinationals, expats, diplomats, military personnel and private individuals.  

Gosselin Logistics provides logistics services to businesses, with activities ranging from forwarding, warehouse storage and container processing to industrial logistics projects for heavy machinery and entire factories.  



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Mathias Coeke moved up from temporary employee to supervisor in only five and a half years, a journey he is very grateful to have been on.
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Kim learned the basics in shipping. With little experience but a whole lot of enthusiasm, she started at Gosselin. And 9 years later, she's still very happy with her job.