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Gosselin cares

In this ever changing world Gosselin wants to be a good corporate citizen.

In this section of the website you can discover how Gosselin adheres to all its legal, ethical and economical responsibilities.

Respect for people - for our own employees, for everyone we do business with and in a broader sense for every human being - characterizes Gosselin.

Showing our respect for the environment and safeguarding our living planet for future generations is equally important.

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Gosselin cares about being a good world citizen

Our environment

We recognize that environmental protection safeguards our employees and future generations.

Our environmental policy focuses on limiting the impact of energy and raw materials, and on the prevention of waste.

We care about people

The Gosselin Group cares about people and seeks to foster a diverse workforce of highly talented individuals.

Protecting the safety, health and professional growth of our workforce is fundamental to our business.

Delivering quality

The quality policy of the Gosselin Group focuses on achieving an outstanding level of customer satisfaction.

We have implemented a management system for the purpose of continuous improvement, which has been awarded with a wide range of certificates.

Vision, mission, values

Success starts with visualizing what we want to achieve on the long term.

Our values are the guiding principles which apply across our organization and underpin how our work is carried out.

Discover the vision, mission and values of the Gosselin Group.

Business ethics

Gosselin implemented a code of conduct for all employees and for all its activities in 2004.

This code of conduct is being updated regularly in order to conform to the highest industry and governmental standards. It is also being audited both externally on an annual basis and internally on an on-going basis.

Links and downloads

Here can you download various certificates, accreditations and useful documents.

These downloads are in PDF format, unless otherwise stated.

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