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Word from our CEO, Marc Smet

"Gosselin has an interesting history. We started as a local moving company. Now we are an international provider of mobility and logistic services. Not only our services have expanded exponentially, but also the number of employees that work here.

It is our vision to be a leading provider of sustainable and innovative mobility and logistics services.

Our business is changing rapidly. The markets are demanding us to constantly innovate and offer ways of transportation that are environmentally durable. Another aspect of the changes we have to take into account is the increasing focus on automation and electronic data interchange.

That is why we have launched a plan to make further sustainable growth possible: Horizon 2020. This plan comprises a vast array of improvement projects, its themes ranging from our organizational structure to operations and sales. The company is growing, while undergoing major changes. This makes Gosselin a very exciting place to be at."

Gosselin Group structure

Our structure

The Gosselin Group has a transparant structure with three main divisions. Our two divisions Gosselin Mobility and Gosselin Logistics offer commercial services to our clients. A third division Gosselin Support Services offers in-company services such as human resources, marketing and IT.

Gosselin Mobility provides international relocation and move services for corporations, embassies, diplomats and private persons. We have our own offices all over Europe and we are strongly represented in Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Our self storage facilities are located in Deurne, near the Gosselin headquarters. The Gosselin Mobility division represents half of the group's annual turnover.

Gosselin Logistics provides forwarding, terminal, warehousing and logistic services for the transport and handling of industrial and consumer goods, including highly specialized services such as customs clearance, lashing and securing, and production of overflow and storage crates. Gosselin Logistics manages logistic supply chains between Europe, China, Africa and the rest of the world. The Gosselin Logistics division represents half of the group's annual turnover.

Gosselin is conveniently located near the Port of Antwerp